About Us

Expert Wall Removal provides holistic wall removal services to its clients. Whilst maintaining high standards of workmanship, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction at all times. We take pride in being experts in creating open living areas with a safe, efficient, and stress-free approach.

With 40 years of experience, we carry out extensive design/engineering projects and utilise our expertise to maintain the highest industry standards for all work we undertake.

Our specialisation includes, but is not limited to, wall removal, design, engineering, and preparation of wall rebuilds during renovations. We provide end-to-end solutions, which means that everything will be project managed by us. This includes engineering, getting the necessary permits, beam installations, wall removal, floor matching, carpentry, bricklaying, plastering, painting, electrical work, plumbing, and rubbish removal.

We use safe, modern equipment to carry out the work as safety is our highest priority. We work on projects of all sizes and complexities and provide custom solutions to suit. Our expert tradesmen have the right skills to demonstrate excellent workmanship in an array of development projects, be it residential or commercial.

Book in your consultation today for an obligation-free quote.

Why Choose Expert Wall Removals?

Expert Wall Removal
Our level of expertise provides peace of mind to our clients.
Free Consultation & Obligation-free Quote
We assess and analyse the scope of work to provide genuine quotes.
40 Years of Experience
We are backed by four decades of delivering quality projects.
100% Compliant & Insured
We comply with the industry standards to work safely and as per WHS regulations.
Modern and Safe Equipment
We use only the safest and modern equipment for our projects.

How it works

Free initial consultation to understand the scope of work

Providing competitive, genuine and free quote

Acceptance of quote

Design and organise plans, engineering and permits

Manage the project from design to completion

Getting the job done professionally with a stress-free approach

And finally, receiving great feedback from our clients!

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