Beam Installation

Beam Installation

If you remove a wall in most cases you will need something to replace it with to take the weight of the newly created space. It’s another one that you want to get right to ensure the integrity of the remaining structure. At Expert Wall Removal we will undertake an assessment of your requirements and advise if steel or timber beams are what you need. An expert will asses the span and weight the beam will be supporting and any beam bracing such as posts or footings can then be determined in accordance with building regulations.

Ensuring the new beam and supports are connected to the structure is also critical for structural integrity and to eliminate as much movement as possible. Steel beams can weigh over 200kg and often need to be installed in areas where access is limited. It is therefore it is important to have a safe and efficient installation plan which we will create for you.

Open plan living is what Melbourne is all about and it is amazing what removing a wall or two can do. Opening up your home brings light into small and dark spaces. It enhances your living area and creates a spacious area for the family to relax or to entertain friends. You will be adding value to your property at the same time as enhancing your lifestyle.

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