Brick Wall Removal

Brick Wall Removal

Expert Wall Removal is part of the Expert Building & Trades Group and are specialists in all types of wall removal. There are many types of wall removal projects from timber to brick, load and non-load bearing walls, internal and external walls and of course brick wall removal. Our engineers will design the steel beam requirements to support your structure whether it be single or double story home, or an internal or external wall. Melbourne has a lot of older homes with internal brick walls and our clients have been amazed at how removing a brick wall in your home can create a lovely new open plan space.

This is particularly true for an opening between a kitchen and a lounge or dining room where your new space will flow seamlessly, or perhaps to bring the outside of your home in. Several of our projects have been to remove a brick wall and install an external stacker or folding door system which then led to an outdoor area with amazing results. Rather than the cost of a full renovation or even purchasing a new home, you can make some small adjustments to your existing home for a cost-effective makeover with fantastic results. Whatever your requirements Expert Wall Removal will complete your project to the highest standard in a safe and professional manner.

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