Structural Wall Removal

Expert Wall Removal is part of the Expert Building & Trades Group and has 40 years’ experience in structural wall removal. Structural wall removal requires careful and thorough planning and design to ensure the existing structure is supported at all times. Placement of temporary supports to ensure the structural wall can be safely removed is a necessary part of the process and will ensure your original structure is supported throughout the removal phase. Once your wall has been removed, calculation and installation of the correct beam size and beam supports to underpin what has been removed will ensure the integrity of the surrounding walls in your home.
Removing walls needs to be handled by those who are experts in the field to ensure there is no damage to your home and you can enjoy your new open space for years to come. We install beams with the correct end and base support, provide structural filling between beams and bricks or timber so movement is eliminated, and correct structural connections between the beam and remaining wall to tie the structure together. With Expert Wall Removal you will get a quality result, and of course we will undertake this work whilst maintaining the highest safety standards both inside and outside

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