5 Things you need Before Initiating a Wall Removal Project

5 Things you need Before Initiating a Wall Removal Project
If you are planning on a wall removal in your home/office, there are certain things you need before commencing the work. At Expert Wall Removal, we assist you with everything from the inception to the completion of the project, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Following are the 5 things you need before you start the wall removal process-

1. Detailed inspection of the property

Before initiating a wall removal project in a property, it is important to have it inspected by the experts. Wall removal projects are not only technical but also require attention to detail to determine if it is feasible to initiate the project or not. Some walls are load-bearing, and some are not. Considering that the walls act as a foundation for a property, it is essential that a clear picture of the same is determined. The team at Expert Wall Removal is experienced and understands the importance of an efficient inspection. We walk the extra mile to ensure a detailed inspection of the property, and assess whether the project is feasible or should be avoided.

2. Get a Building Approval in prior to initiation

Following an inspection, we prepare an assessment report that clearly states the feasibility of the project. There are a number of factors to take into account. For instance, if a wall which is to be removed is load bearing, the project cannot be initiated without a prior approval of the plan. It is essential to have a proper building permit for a successful wall removal, rest assured you can leave all the hassle to us. A professional wall removal company like Expert Wall Removal has experience in getting plans approved, and hence, can easily get this done for you. Once this is done, the wall removal project can be started and concluded with efficiency.

3. Take professional help if required

The council has its own rules. If a wall that is a load bearing is to be removed, a building permit will be necessary to carry out the works. However, the council does not approve of plans made by novices. Considering that wall removal is a critical project, the council may require you to engage a professional. You can take professional help for preparing a detailed plan and submitting a report. The report should make it evident that if the wall is removed, it will be safe for the property as well as those living in and around it- most likely when it is a load-bearing wall. As experts in the industry, we have a network of professionals who always stay on top of their job, so if you would need any assistance, our team will be happy to assist you.

4. A proper house plan

If you already have a proper, well-drafted house plan, you are good to go. But if you lack a proper plan, you would need a new house plan to make sure that it is in alignment with the building rules and regulations. For this purpose, you may need to engage a draftsman who can come forward to design a proper house plan. Once the house plan is up to date, the pre-works can be initiated before starting a wall removal project. With expert wall removal, we can help you find the right people and take up all the hassle and help you prepare for a wall removal. We are known for our credibility and reliability and hence showcase excellent workmanship.

5. Post inspection tasks & further action

After the inspection is concluded, there is an assessment report to refer to, that defines the further action as in what to do next in terms of starting the wall removal project right. Sometimes, there is an inbuilt wiring and/or plumbing outlets which cannot be disrupted just as yet. In such cases, the connection needs to be broken. Be it the electrical wiring, heating and cooling ducts, plumbing outlets, etc. Once everything is disconnected, it will be safe to start the wall removal project. For us, safety is of utmost importance. As professional wall removalists, we would be happy to cater to the project safely and efficiently so you do not have to worry about the technicalities involved.









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